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How To Maintain High Traffic Carpeted Areas

Sep 4, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

How To Maintain High Traffic Carpeted Areas

Having carpets in your home provides comfort and durability, but that also requires regular cleaning, especially in the busy spots. If you don’t take care of these areas, they can start looking worn out and uneven, causing early replacement. Doing a deep carpet cleaning in Nashville can really help. It freshens up those high traffic parts, making your carpets look more even, allowing them stay cleaner for a longer time. So, think about getting deep carpet cleaning to keep your carpets looking great and lasting.

Understanding the High Traffic Areas in Your Home

The parts of your carpet that get a lot of use and need more care will depend on how you use your home and if you have kids or pets. These areas might start showing wear like dark spots, gray paths, flat or squished fibers, or a difference in color and texture near the walls compared to the middle. If you see these things, a deep carpet cleaning might be needed to stop them from staying uneven. The busy parts of a home might be hallways, stairs, in front of sofas and beds, by closet doors, and where kids and pets play.

How Deep Carpet Cleaning Refreshes High Traffic Areas

The parts of your carpet that get used a lot in your home don’t have to look old and beat up. Doing a deep carpet cleaning can really make them look better. It gets rid of the dirt and grime that’s built up in the fibers. This cleaning also stops dirt from causing too much rubbing that might harm the delicate carpet fibers.

Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) method can make worn-out carpets look and feel better. This method doesn’t need use of water, so your carpets can dry in just a few hours instead of taking days. It uses carbonation and a cleaning solution without harsh soaps or chemicals, so you won’t need to stress about leftover residue attracting more dirt.

To keep your carpet in perfect shape, it’s a good idea to do a thorough cleaning of busy areas at least 1-2 times a year. Between these deep cleanings, make sure to vacuum regularly to get rid of surface dirt and keep the texture even.

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