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Holiday Season Carpet Cleaning Guide

Dec 13, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

Holiday Season Carpet Cleaning Guide

As the holiday season approaches, getting your home ready for guests, festivities, and the chaos of children and pets is essential. Balancing the desire for a clean and cozy holiday atmosphere with the potential for accidents and cleanups can be a challenge, especially when it comes to deciding the right time for deep carpet cleaning.

We understand you want a holiday-fresh living space, but thinking of potential accidents on a recently cleaned carpet can be scary. At Veterans Chem-Dry Music City, we know the dilemma homeowners often face when deciding the best timing for deep carpet cleaning so we’ve outlined some pros and cons to help you make the best choice for your preferences and peace of mind during the busy holiday season.

Carpet Cleaning Before the Holidays

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned before the holiday season has its ups and downs. On the one side, it gives you peace of mind, making your house fresh and welcoming for guests, whether you anticipate children crawling on the carpets or want to eliminate lingering odors.

Yet, there are downsides to getting your carpets cleaned before the holidays. With all the cooking, feasting, and festive activities, spills are likely. Additionally, increased traffic during winter may lead to extra wear and tear from snow, mud, and salt, potentially reducing the duration your carpet stays clean after a professional cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning After the Holidays

Choosing deep carpet cleaning after the holidays can have its perks. It allows you to tackle built up dirt, mud, and stains from the festivities, giving you a fresh start for the new year. However, if it’s been a while since your last cleaning, concerns about your home’s appearance and smell may impact your ability to host, and worries may come about children encountering dirt and grime on your carpets. However, If holiday cleanliness stress is a concern, a pre-holiday carpet cleaning is best, and you can always schedule another appointment later if needed.

Determining the Best Time for Carpet Cleaning

The ideal time for deep carpet cleaning ultimately depends on your priorities and the last time your carpets were cleaned. If you aim for spotless carpets at the holiday season’s start and are willing to risk potential stains during gatherings, get cleaning before the holidays. If you’re more concerned about dealing with post-party messes, wait until after the holidays for a cleaning. Use the timing of your last professional cleaning as a guide: if it was within the last 3-6 months, waiting until after the holidays is a good call, but if it was more than 6 months ago, scheduling a cleaning before the holidays is your best bet.


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